Striving for Moral Excellence: The Islamic Teachings?

Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that we Ahmadi should remember that world is going though a dangerous time, Satan is aggressively striking from all directions and if Muslims and specially Ahmadi Muslims men, women, and young, all did not try to keep the religious values alive then there is no guarantee of our future.


We will be more liable for the wrath of God Almighty because we understood the truth, the Promised Messiah (peace be on him) made us to understand it and even then if we did not act upon it. Thus if we want to prevail then it is imperative to embrace every Islamic teaching with full confidence. Don’t think that the progress of the advanced countries is a guarantee of our progress and life and to stride with them will guarantee our survival. The progress of these advanced countries has reached its peak and now due to their immorality their fall has already started and it is evident also.


Their deeds are inviting the wrath of God, they are inviting destructions. Thus in such a situation we have to show them the right path and save them instead of adapting their colors. Their correction seems to be difficult due to their arrogance and distance from the religion. If they did not correct themselves then the future development of the world will be with those nations who will keep the religious and moral values high. Thus, as I said before also I am saying it especially to youngsters that they should pay attention to God Almighty’s teachings. Instead of getting influenced by the world and walk behind them you should make the world to follow you.

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