Nations that let homosexual behaviours flourish are heading towards self-destruction?

Mulaqat with students in Canada | May 19, 2013

In response to a question about homosexuality, His Holiness explained that this is an inappropriate behaviour and is against the laws of nature. The normal natural tendency is that one is attracted to a member of the opposite gender; however, as a result of certain childhood experiences, young adults can become inclined towards homosexuality. The Holy Qur’an relates that a nation with such tendencies was finally destroyed by God, when after repeated warnings they did not repent.


Ahmadis should protect themselves and their children from such behaviour. His Holiness expressed the opinion that there is only a tiny minority that are inclined to such tendencies, but when these actions are given legal protection then this behaviour proliferates. More and more younger people get entangled into such activities when it becomes an acceptable  part of the school curriculm. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba) raised this point with Mr. Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister of Canada. His Holiness warned that by letting homosexual behaviours flourish nations are heading towards self-destruction. If 50% of a nation develop such tendencies then that nation is unlikely to survive. Adoption of children is not an answer to that.


His Holiness directed that Ahmadis should avoid any such activities. Those who are regular in prayers, offer Istighfar and have good moral training by their parents are more likely to be saved from such behaviour.

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