How to respond when those who don’t follow any religion ask about the morals of homosexuality?

 Mulaqat of Ahmadi girls (nasirat) aged 13-14 from Germany, November 14, 2021

Sabikah Ahmad said that homosexuality was discussed a lot at her school and students asked about her beliefs and thoughts in this regard. She sought Huzoor’s advice on how to respond to those who had no religion and asked about the morals of homosexuality.


Huzoor (aba) said:


Those who do not have a religion, they possess human nature right? What is the law of nature? What has Allah the Almighty instilled in nature? In nature – apart from some exceptions – every animal has the natural inclination to have relations with the opposite sex, right? The nature of animals tells us too that the nature of humans which Allah the Almighty has instilled is this, that relationships are established with the opposite sex.


Secondly, say to them, ‘You don’t believe in religion, you don’t believe in God, that is why according to you, sex is just fulfilling a worldly desire. Whereas Allah the Almighty has told us – we are Muslims – that ‘your purpose is not to merely eat, drink and sleep and fulfil sexual urges like animals; rather, your purpose is much greater. Allah has given you a brain to use, to think and by using it, you must work for the benefit of mankind and other creatures too.’ Now, it is from humans that doctors emerge who are doctors for other humans and also veterinary doctors – doctors for animals. It is humans who think for the benefit of mankind and for animals too. No animal does this. So, when humans have been given so much intelligence and understanding by Allah the Almighty, then humans should also adopt the right way given by Allah the Almighty. And the law of nature tells us this.


Say to them that ‘we have a purpose; you just desire worldly lust, you want to fulfil worldly pleasures. However, if this is the purpose of life for a person, then what difference is left between them and animals?’


Huzoor (aba) said to inform them:


Your desires have merely become worldly desires. Now, if you don’t want to accept this, then we cannot force you; however, we believe there is a life after death – there, you will have to answer to Allah the Almighty. And in the sight of Allah the Almighty, this is a sin, it is wrong in the sight of Allah.

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