How can we guide young children, who are being taught many un-Islamic and confusing concepts at school?

Virtual Mulaqat with Waqifaat-e-Nau from Canada - 16 June 2023

Out of 365 days of the year, children go to school for about 170 or 180 days. They live with you for the remaining days [of the year], right? They live with you for about 180 or 200 days. I have said many times that you ought to befriend your children.


I have said many times that you should interact with your children. I have said many times that you should answer the questions of your children when they come home [and ask you].


I have said many times that when your children learn about genders or anything else, then explain to them according to their age, there are some things that they cannot understand, and that when they grow up, they will understand such things.


Explain to them the true reality of these issues. Explain how nature has made them the way they are. Tell them that the biological differences that God has made between the bodies of both genders is very clear. A mother can only be a mother. The differences that are found between males and females cannot be changed. Explain to them that a male may apparently become the mother of a child but nonetheless, he cannot conceive a child.


Now these people themselves have started to speak out against these kinds of things and calling out the absurd things people are saying. There was a joke circulating where a pregnant lady went to the doctor and asked if they can confirm the gender of the baby. Upon this, the doctor said, "Let the kindergarten teacher decide it. "The kindergarten teacher will decide what the gender is, I cannot tell you.'


So these people are becoming the laughing stocks of their own absurdities. Jokes are being made about such people. Therefore, explain to your children that whatever gender God has created a person with, that will always be their gender.


Ahmadi girls and especially Waqfat-e-Nau girls will have to work very hard in this regard. Explain to your children that Allah the Exalted has created males and females, explain the biological differences and distinct features to them. Explain that these are two genders that are found in all kinds of animals and that everyone has their own functions or abilities that one cannot turn away from.


So, merely saying something does not actually change the reality of things. Recently, a teacher referred to a student as 'he' but then the student said that "Today, I am a 'she'". So, the next day the teacher referred to the student as a 'she' but then the student said that "Today, I am a 'he',


"why did you refer to me as a 'she'?"


So, these people themselves do not understand what is happening. Therefore, you will have to work hard to explain these things to your children. Explain to them how jokes are being made about their own absurdities. Instead of being hesitant, speak openly to them and explain things to them?


Now, there are many people who are speaking up against this.

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