Homosexual tendencies are the product of the environment?

Mulaqat with students in Germany | June 28, 2013

While addressing the point that there may be some evidence that homosexuality is a genetically determined behavior, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) said that even if this was the case, it still does not warrant the intense propaganda to legalize and promote homosexuality. It is possible that in any community, a tiny minority may have such inclinations; according to an estimate the law of same-sex marriage was brought about in Canada for just 500 cases! It is wiser to manage homosexuality by keeping such practices concealed. The underlying principle here is that of protection of the vulnerable members of the society. His Holiness expressed concern that in this day and age homosexuality is being promoted as fashion.


His Holiness advised that if Ahmadis should find themselves faced with such temptations, they should offer Istighfar (prayer offered to seek Allah’s forgiveness), remove themselves away from any situations that may trigger these desires; then gradually they will be able to overcome these temptations.


In response to a question, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba) explained that homosexuality is a learned behavior and stressed that the practice of homosexuality is inappropriate. His Holiness warned that by accepting, promoting and legalizing such actions, nations can find themselves on the path to destruction. The wrath of God destroyed one nation which insisted on this behavior despite repeated warnings. His Holiness stressed that homosexual tendencies cannot be called a disease. Such behaviour is the product of  the environment; people are attracted to same-sex relationships because of their social interactions. When exposed to a certain kind of environment, the psychology of certain individuals can be affected and they become drawn to homosexual behaviour.  His Holiness warned that turning this individual behaviour into a national characteristic leads to destruction.

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