All religions categorically say homosexuality is a sin?

Mulaqat with Lajna Imaillah students and new converts from the Netherlands | August 23, 2020

The next question was asked by a Dutch woman with regard to homosexuality, who stated that in Dutch culture, homosexuality is accepted. She further asked that now she is a Muslim, how could she deal with this issue. Answering the question, Huzoor (aa) said:


It is not a question only for the Dutch culture; rather, it is everywhere in the Western society, that homosexuality is not considered as a sin. But in religious scriptures, such as the Bible and Holy Quran, it is categorically mentioned that these are sins and because of this, a nation was ruined and destroyed because of their sins. Now, since it is a law of the country, and we don’t have the power to abolish this law by force or any other means in a democratic way, we cannot do anything.


Huzoor (aa) further narrated the hadith in which the Holy Prophet (sa) said that if you see something wrong, one should try to stop it with his hands and if one does not have the power and if he is unable to do so, then he should try to change it with his tongue; and if he is still not able to do so, then he should lament it in his heart.


Huzoor (aa) added,


As far as religion is concerned, if someone asks you, you can tell them that all religions categorically say this is a sin and, ‘As far as my religion is concerned, I cannot like it. But if it is a law of the land, being a citizen, I don’t have the power to take force. But, in my personal opinion, as an Ahmadi and a person who believes in God the Almighty, I don’t like it.’ So, you will have to tell them and take a daring step whenever you are asked. But, there is no need to involve yourself with an open debate with anybody. You should try to avoid these things because, at present, nobody is going to listen to you.

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